You might just call me Wilbur

news Mar 15, 2021

Kitty Hawk

Immediately images of Orville and Wilbur Wright probably popped into your head. The famous brothers who went from bicycle shop to the flying machine launched their first successful flight from here.

Their brotherly support can teach us something critical about having a team:

“ ‘I like scrapping with Orv,’ Wilbur said, ‘he’s such a good scrapper.’ Heated discussions were a frequent and significant aspect of the Wrights’ creative process. Their ability to defend a position with genuine passion, while considering the other’s point of view, was essential to their inventive success.”

This is essentially what Bobby and Katie talked about in the previous couple of podcast episodes (if you missed either part 1 or part 2, you can catch them here). 

When you’re building For Love of Team having the respect of each team member and acknowledging the specific role they play is critical. 

That’s why we created our unique, immersive retreat experience. And our inaugural one happens right at Kitty Hawk! Our first retreat at the beach in May 2021 has just a handful of openings left. Charter members will get the ultimate and intimate For Love of Team experience for a fraction of our 2022 offer.   

If this sounds like an experience that could transform your business and help it to fly, text me at 1-754-800-9461.   


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