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news Feb 08, 2021

In my latest episode of the podcast, I recapped what For Love of Team is all about. I gave you all the reasons why building a team supports your mission and vision and what you need to stay laser focused on to make it happen.

You got all the details about how and when to simplify your business and how a team can support you when you do that. And how the different roles play out between the leader and the team. 

But none of that will do you any good if you don’t believe building and keeping a team actually helps you more than it costs you. 

And I wonder if that’s what is going for you right now. 

I’d love to hear from you. 


I want to know how you feel about building a team. 

What’s holding you back? What’s stopping you from making that first hire (or the next hire)? Are you worried about them? Or about yourself? About the ROI? About how it’ll actually work? Or something else?

Text me or call and leave a voice message right now at 1-754-800-9461. 

There’s no autoresponders or bots on the other end. Just me. 

Share your name and your story. Or keep it anonymous.

I really do want to hear from you.



P.S. Not having a team limits your income, impact, margin, and freedom. If you aren’t building or retaining a team, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Call or text me at 1-754-800-9461.

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