094: Who Do YOU Love?

podcast Sep 08, 2021

On this week’s episode, we discuss how by building a business from a state of ‘love’ you will see your success grow exponentially.

When you surround yourself with people working in their gifting and focused on a common mission, not only do you get to spend more time working where you're most gifted, but you also create this virtuous cycle where your clients are being loved and your product just keeps getting better.

So, as a leader where can you show love in your business?

Love of Product: Face it, most of us founders are “idea” people.

We love to solve problems, seize opportunities, and create solutions. Yet, we often have more ideas than bandwidth. But there’s something about seeing a solution that others cannot see and bringing that to the marketplace.

Love of Clients: You finally get traction. Money is starting to flow and now your idea is serving others.

The focus begins to shift to creating a client experience as good as your original product idea or service. We know what a remarkable client experience feels like and we’re committed to delivering for our clients.

Love of Team: Your client experience will only rise to the level of your team’s satisfaction in your business. Your client can always feel it when they work with people that love what they do.

You surround yourself with people working in their gifting, focused on a common mission, so you can spend more of your time working where you are most gifted.

A business you love, supported by a team you love. What could be better than that?

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