Taking flight in 2022

unlock Dec 17, 2021
Wright Brothers first flight
Imagine yourself on the wind swept dune --
Your friends and family do not understand why you are here, in the middle of nowhere, on a cold December 17th.
Yet, you have a knowing. A belief in something greater.
Something that has never happened before.
And at 10:35 am, you and your team made history.
Not a glide, or a hop.
First in Flight.
Imagine how brave it was to ignore the naysayers.
To believe, in the face of massive opposition.
Growing a business and a team you love requires the same bravery and belief.
Where will your Kitty Hawk business moment occur?
Perhaps, in just a few weeks in Dallas/Fort Worth.
That's where a handful of intrepid business owners will gather on a shared journey and mission.
To UNLOCK hidden potential in their businesses --
Blending information and intuition -- leveraging a proven process and the power of peer review -- to craft their 2022 quarterly business sprints.
A framework as unique and different as the Wright Brothers approach to powered flight.
Join us if you are brave and bold. --Winston

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