Refirement: 60 days to Freedom

pivot Jul 20, 2020

A message this weekend stopped me cold...

A good friend of mine noted my relative absence from these newsletters and social media and reached out to me yesterday.  

“I was wondering about you. Did you retire?” 

Well…I DID have a milestone birthday this year.  I do live in Florida.

And heck NO, I didn’t retire!   😂 😂 😂  

When the COVID shutdown began, I faced a crossroads of sorts.

Instead of continuing to hustle and grind, I took the opportunity to take a hard look at my life, my business and important relationships.  I dubbed this season of pause, my "reFIREment".  

Over a period of 60 days, I unplugged from many of the external activities that had filled my past couple of years. 

Social media: gone.  Television news: poof.  Downloading inspiring podcasts: paused.  Marketing my business: stopped cold.   

I even paused my business and took a sabbatical from the multi-five figure coaching/mentoring programs I had joined for 2020.  

Why? I had hit the wall.  

Instead of celebrating the success of my peers, I had increasingly begun to resent their achievements.  I became easily triggered by social media posts. 

Mostly, I misplaced my voice for helping the start-up online business owner.  

And while I know that consistency is vital in building trust with you, it is never my intent to produce a podcast or send an email that doesn’t deliver true value. 

Your time and attention is much too valuable to be taken for granted.  

Now, a little over ten weeks later, I can honestly say that this time was one of the best ideas ever...     

ReFIREment = Unlearning + Unplugging + Select Mentors + Rest

  • Unlearning:  Intentionally re-examine many facets of my life, adopting a beginners mind full of curiosity 
  • Unplugging:  Protecting my energy from outside influences so I could process my thoughts 
  • Select Mentors:  Set aside business mentorship in favor of health and spiritual direction and continue that process today 
  • Rest: Prioritized the discipline of rest by finding best practices for me, creating daily rituals to ensure deep restorative rest 

And in the process, I found out that:

  • Love conquers fear 
  • Financial needs are met without my effort 
  • Gratitude increases enjoyment of life
  • Purpose triumphs over hustle 

Finally, I discovered that my experiences and talents were possibly being misapplied to the start-up business owner. 

There are so many amazing mentors and programs perfectly serving those thinking about starting online businesses.  

Instead, I recall the dozens of teams I’ve either served with or lead over nearly four decades of work. 

I’ve worked for disempowering, micro-managing or indifferent leaders over the years. 

I’ve also worked with brilliant, inquisitive, curious and light filled personalities, both as team members and leaders.  

Words matter.  Intent matters.  Leadership matters.  

So, here’s a hint of what I’m doing next. 


There's more to this story.  Stay tuned. 


P.S.  If you are new in business or thinking about building your own, I highly recommend Dan Miller’s 48 Days Eagles* community.  For a modest monthly investment, I find that the resources and support here unparalleled.  I hope to see you there soon. 

*This is an affiliate link and we will earn a small commission.  It costs you nothing more, but could provide additional benefits to you. 

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