085: Charting a New Path following a Founder | J.R. Howard | UPIC Solutions

podcast Jun 06, 2021

Six years ago, Winston Faircloth stepped down from the technology organization he helped to build over a 15 year period.  As a founder, one of the hardest things you can do is to “let your baby go”.  

Yet, the prior 12 months had been filled with turmoil and internal discord -- it was no longer fun, senior leaders were at odds with one another, and the organization was experiencing higher than normal turnover.  

After an extensive search process, UPIC Solutions found their new leader from within. J.R. Howard had a front-row seat to the chaos and decided in advance there was a better way to lead.  A people-first way.  

In this revealing interview, Winston sits down with his successor J.R. Howard to talk about the amazing transformation UPIC has experienced over the past six years. 

  • Taking a founder's vision, enhanced by a culture that loves the team 
  • Leading with positivity and how the team reflects the leader 
  • Importance of the leader as a storyteller 
  • Building a culture of accountability and consistency 
  • How building raving fans is an inside job first 
  • Keeping a remote team together with Virtual Coffees with the CEO 

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