084: UNLOCK Innovation

podcast May 27, 2021

In the Indian fable about the blind men who each touched a different part of the element, we aren’t surprised to see that an argument breaks out. Each man trusted his own perception to guide him. Until someone with sight coached them on their error, they made assumptions about the whole.

Within an organization, leaders can easily find themselves in the shoes of blind men. With a limited field of view, they make assumptions about the entire organization, process, and team. 

Just before recording this podcast episode, I was speaking with the founder of a large, complex organization. She’s found herself at the center of a problem where she’s the sole person resolving conflicts, making decisions, and charting innovative waters. In thinking about our conversation, I reflected on the blind men and the elephant and discovered some important business truths hiding inside the story.  

In this episode, you’ll get:

  • How to avoid being the bottleneck, even when you are the visionary founder of the organization
  • The challenge when leaders focus too much attention on their own specialization and why it’s a roadblock for the team
  • Why having historical and real-time context for business decisions may be the most important data to share across the organization
  • The 6 steps to UNLOCK innovation in any business in any industry

And, you’ll hear how you can bring a WHOLE picture workshop to your own organization to see how revealing the truth drives business success.



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