083: Showing Up as You, Inc.

podcast May 19, 2021

The impact of the pandemic over this past year has hit everyone. While no one would argue that healthcare and frontline workers have felt it the hardest, the next largest industry might just be the change management professionals.  

These individuals have worked for years to persuade businesses and teams to embrace needed change in organizations. But few people and employers are comfortable trying new things when the comfortable, old way of doing things is still an option. 

But, in 2020, everything changed. 

Over the course of one weekend, office workers began working from home and supervisors struggled to figure out how to lead remote teams. Plans were upended. Goals revised. And change happened, over and over again, at an accelerated pace. Both personally and professionally. 

Nimble organizations embraced the changes, reacted quickly, and thrived.  

But the past 14 months have put a tremendous burden on everyone. Rapid changes aren’t something most people easily embrace.

It takes courage for a business to look at its small team culture at this point in time. And bravery to share the results with the team...especially when everyone is tired and overwhelmed.  

That’s where I found myself recently and the lessons learned are applicable to all businesses and teams. 

The best way to navigate organizational change is to show up as “You, Inc.” and that’s the topic of this podcast episode.

In this episode, you’ll get:

  • A brave reveal for a small team culture 
  • Why focusing my attention on the defeated was critical
  • The exact reason building a workplace culture isn’t leadership’s job
  • How you can take responsibility when there are limited growth opportunities 
  • The 5 words that should be deleted from the dictionary (at least when it comes to business)

And, you’ll hear the worst thing a business can do after an annual employee engagement survey and what they should do instead.



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