082: Not hiring a team comes at a great cost

podcast May 11, 2021

Comic strips and funny stories abound with humorous anecdotes about clogged sinks and how homeowners make things worse before calling in a professional to fix the problem. 

There’s a reason they are funny. 

Because it’s a universal experience. 

We have a problem. We think we can fix it. Only to discover that the fix we tried made the problem worse.

After several experiences like this, most people will call a plumber before they attempt anything other than running the garbage disposal or trying drain cleaner.

Because the truth is, for most of us, plumbing isn’t something that we’re good at or that we enjoy.

You can probably think of a variety of tasks within your business like that. Things that need to be done but that you don’t like or aren’t good at doing.

 Just like most people end up realizing that hiring a plumber saves them time and money, hiring team members will save you time and money in your business. 

In this episode, you’ll get:

  • Why you should hire your first team member before you think you’re ready
  • How to calculate the actual cost of NOT hiring
  • 5 Multiplier Max questions every CEO needs to ask before making a hiring decision
  • The vision that turns you from anxious to confident when hiring 
  • The exact strategy successful businesses use to test a new hire’s skills (while treating them as a valuable team member)

And you’ll hear why hiring a single team member will change your business forever.  



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