079: Hiring for Cultural Add, Not Fit

podcast Apr 19, 2021

There are around 400,000 different flowering plants, over 60,000 tree species, and 8.7 million species of animals! 

Clearly God designed, created, and appreciates variety. 

All too often in business, though, new employees get hired based on cultural fit which can lead to hiring team members who think the same, act the same, have similar experiences, and agree with each other. 

But when team members are hired for the culture “add” of bringing more variety to the workplace it benefits everyone.

In this episode, you’ll get:

  • What you need to unlearn to build For Love of Team
  • How to fund a team
  • Best practices when hiring team members 
  • 4 questions to hire for cultural fit 
  • The answers you should look for

And you’ll hear the specific differences between cultural fit and cultural add and how you can use that to build a team you love.



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