Episode 076: Collaboration, Not Delegation

podcast Apr 01, 2021

From movies to concerts or sports - everywhere you look in the field of entertainment, you see how specialists come together to create a whole that’s better than its parts. 

Those specialists aren’t order-takers. They’re captains of their own work...even when that work is part of someone else’s whole. When leaders forget that, chaos ensues.

This week’s podcast episode explores the mistake most leaders make when they delegate (a word I believe should never be spoken again) and what they should do instead to build a business they love, supported by a team they love. 

In this episode, you’ll get:

  • Why most leaders fail to successfully delegate work
  • The 2 sides of delegation - and how neither of them work
  • How collaboration creates impact for a business
  • What most business owners are doing wrong when it comes to making hiring decisions
  • The 3 questions that need your laser focus to build a business you love

And...when you have a business you love, supported by a team you love, that’s For Love Of Team.



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