Data Storytelling on the Remote Pathways Podcast

podcast Feb 05, 2022

Using data for storytelling inside your organization levels the playing field of information and opens up greater innovation and collaboration within your team.

In this episode of the Remote Pathways podcast, Winston Faircloth shares ways to UNLOCK more creativity within your team.

Everything changed in March 2020, and I think part of this is unlearning practices that we have grown up with in larger, more physically based structures. It’s an invitation for us to unlearn them when it comes to creating a new planning process.” 

In this episode we explore: 

  • Using data storytelling to unite leadership teams
  • How to level the playing field of information with your team
  • The importance of a compelling why and a clear vision of what success looks like
  • Discover ways to spend more time in your gifting and flow of what you do best
  • Be inspired by stories of success after going through this process
  • Learn about a great opportunity to go through this four step framework with peers

Not sure where to start when looking at your data to create a compelling story? We cover the entire process step-by-step in this episode. 

Step One - Collect data that you believe tells your story about your business. 

Step Two - Find unique connections between those data points. 

Step Three - Have a team member or a peer group review your data 

Step Four - UNLOCK your business plan using themes and data driven decisions 

Listen to the full episode to hear about each step explained in more detail along with some great examples of how data storytelling has benefited clients of mine already. 

The Remote Pathways Podcast is hosted by Jennifer Britton and Michelle Mullins -- professional credentialed coaches who specialize in supports for the remote worker, remote leaders and virtual teams.

Listen to the full episode NOW!

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