BA 056: UNLEARN for ReFIREment

podcast Oct 19, 2020
Forget floppy disks

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, lost or just worn out.  You’re missing that spark, that fire you had at the beginning of the year.  I definitely hit that wall myself just a few months ago and ReFIREment is the process I used to help me rediscover my passion and my fire and today, others tell me how peaceful, surrendered and younger I look.  And this journey begins from within.  

If you’ve never heard of the term ReFIREment, we’re going to go deeper on this four part series which began last time, helping you gain your passion back after a season of setbacks.  

The four steps are:

Unplug: disconnecting from external resources temporarily
Unlearn:  reevaluating & challenging existing ideas, beliefs and concepts
Rest:  experimenting with and understanding ways to deepen your rest
Relearn:  incorporating new practices and beliefs to set you on a new path 

Today, let’s go deeper into step one, UNLEARN.

As a philosophy student in college, one quote from Plato speaking about his mentor takes my breath away everytime I hear it and seek to apply it in my life.  

My paraphrase: Wisdom comes from knowing that you know nothing.  

How counter-cultural and counterintuitive is that statement in today’s world.  

And probably the single most important reason to UNPLUG from social media where everyone with an opinion, a conspiracy, or an axe to grind can/will post with absolute conviction and certainty AND which will be shared, reposted, retweeted, and amplified to an increasingly larger yet smaller-minded echo chamber of like-minded followers.  

Unlearning what you think you know unlocks new doors of potential in your business and life.  


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So, let's draw deeper faith, inspiration and encouragement in our Begin Again moments.  

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Remember, the biggest Breakthroughs in life and business occur the moment you decide to #BeginAgain.

Photo Credit: Fredy Jacob

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