BA 054: Waiting With Purpose

podcast Sep 28, 2020

Over this five part series, we’ve been sharing our emerging PLAN of how we’re going to serve three types of business owners going forward. Leaders who either WANT, NEED or HAVE teams to help them multiply their impact by creating, growing and keeping teams THEY LOVE.  We call this process: For LOVE of Team. 

Today, another hard truth gained during this season.  The value of WAITING.  During ReFIREment, there are so many life and business lessons to learn, but none as important as the season of WAITING.  People tend to think of surrender and waiting as passive.  As type A’s or high D’s, we are constantly in motion, taking “massive action”.  That’s the answer to every problem.  And in our culture, we’re conditioned for instant results.

Waiting is a season when things might not be easy.  Yet, it is a season where we are being prepared for everything that lies ahead as we step into our purpose.  We’re putting down strong and deep roots.  And just like the fruit tree, we don’t plant it today and harvest delicious apples tomorrow.  Let’s be thankful for this season of waiting.  



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So, let's draw deeper faith, inspiration and encouragement in our Begin Again moments.  

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Remember, the biggest Breakthroughs in life and business occur the moment you decide to #BeginAgain.

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