BA 040: THIS is your day

podcast Mar 31, 2020

The fall of 2001 felt a lot like it does right now.  People and businesses were dazed, confused. Uncertain.  

Not only had America just witnessed the horrific attacks on our homeland a mere month before, the stock market was entering a season of volatility which would later be called the "dot-com bubble".  

At this same time there were a group of engineers and designers working behind the scenes on a revolutionary new creation. Until this point, this band of visionaries were known for one, niche product.  They were competing against a literal Goliath many times their size, and they were losing market share by the quarter.  

Finally, they had their new product.  But, what to do?   I can imagine that the board room was filled with comments like: 

  • We can't launch now, people are scared to buy. 
  • Will people really spend $399 on something they've never heard of before?
  • We've got a lot of education to do.  I'm not sure they will understand.  

For many of us in business (or want to be), we're probably thinking many of the same thoughts.

In this episode, I'm going to share the story of this band of engineers and how in the middle of America's shock and grief, they upended an entire industry. 

And why today is YOUR day to take even the smallest step towards your dream.  


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