BA 033: The Ripple Effect

podcast Mar 06, 2020

Perhaps you remember being by the edge of a body of still water.  You pick up a big rock and you throw it as high and as far away as you possibly can.  In a few seconds, you hear it ... "ker-plunk". Then, in concentric circles in every direction, you begin to see the ripples move across the pond.  Drifting closer and closer to you.  Bigger and bigger circles of impact.  

Our lives are a lot like the ripple effect.  We share a kind word, hold a door open for an elder, finally make an overdue decision.  Take an action of any kind.  And as we release our gifts into God's creation, ripples of impact we cannot yet see or imagine spread out in every direction.

In this episode, you will hear how an action several months ago came washing back to me last weekend. 



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