097: Core Values with Victoria Mininger, Founder of Bear Creek Outdoor Living

business coach leadership podcast team building team love Sep 26, 2021

In this week’s episode, we're continuing our series on how values drive success in business. We are chatting with industry experts to gain their insight on developing Core Values that create a winning team.

We're bringing back one of our favorite guests Victoria Mininger, Founder of Bear Creek Outdoor Living. Victoria strives to see each one of her team members thrive, learn, and grow. She shares her journey on how this core value became such a centerpiece of her business.

"We (my husband and I) once had employers that saw us for who we were, and not just what we brought to the table, they cared for us greatly. That left a definitive mark on our life.

When we started this company, I said to myself, I want to treat people the way that I was treated during my career. We have learned over the years that when we care for people, the rest takes care of itself. And when we do that, we serve our clients even better.

It's wanting to have a greater mission and reason for existing other than just getting to the next great project or bringing in revenue. All of those are great, but what I want to leave behind is the impact I've had on people, because other people have impacted me in such a great way."

Our episode with Victoria does a deep dive into how when we care for our teams we empower them to find greatness in themselves, and how this leads to a business that can gain success beyond the bottom line.


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