UNLOCK - 5 Reasons Why Strategic Plans Fail Founders

2022 business planning 2022 business plans analytics business coach business plans business strategy communication goal setting strategic plans Jan 02, 2022


Think back to December 2019.  So many of us all excited about the new decade.  "2020 -- The Year of Perfect Vision".  

Then came March 2020.  

We learned that traditional business planning FAILS when it comes to being nimble, responsive and intuitive when the world changes. 

And as founders, we cannot afford to be stuck in old ways. 

Last week I shared UNLOCK -- a business planning process that combines intuition and data. Blending head, heart and gut in crafting a right fit game plan for you.

Above is a clip from my webinar that explains 5 reasons why strategic plans fail founders and how you can avoid these mistakes!


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