099: Three C’s of Culture at The Refuge Center with Amy Alexander

client service core values growth leadership podcast team love Oct 12, 2021

Amy Alexander is Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Refuge Center for Counseling in Franklin, Tennessee, where the Center serves more than 30,000 counseling sessions to over 4,000 clients annually. 

As a nonprofit, Amy is always wrestling with how to retain quality people on staff. And for her, it's the culture they create day-to-day that retains people.

Amy encourages and supports culture through her ‘Three C’s approach’ of connection, character, and continuous growth within the organization.

“Our team has to be the first priority and Client Services has to be the second priority. Because if we're not healthy, if we're not in a good place, if we're not taking care of ourselves and one another, then the quality of our work is not going to be what it should be. And our clients deserve us to be at our best.” - Amy Alexander

She has a very unique way of framing leadership and culture and values within her organization by modeling a ‘servant first perspective’.

Listen to our full episode to learn more about Amy’s Three C’s approach!

Connect with Amy
Website - https://refugecenter.org 
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Email - [email protected]

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