095: Core Values with Teresa McCloy, The REALIFE Process

podcast Sep 12, 2021

On this week's podcast episode we introduce a new interview series where we will be chatting with industry experts to gain their insight on developing Core Values that create a winning team.

We kick off this interview series with Teresa McCloy -- a Certified Coach, Speaker, and Enneagram Professional.

Teresa was once a workaholic who spent much of her time looking for affirmation through her productivity. After her family experienced a personal crisis, Teresa knew it was time to look inward and work through her need to always take on more. During this journey, she was able to find her REALSELF and is now helping others do the same through her REALIFE Process program. 

We talk to Teresa about core values and her own breaking points of when she realized she needed to depend on other people to achieve the success she was envisioning for herself. 

I coached so many business owners who had to go back to rebuild their values, principles, systems, and structures - because they did “the whole hair on fire, get it done. I’ll do it all myself” and so fearful of even hiring somebody for five hours a week. Do you know what someone can do for you at five hours a week?! --Teresa McCloy

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