093: How to Create a HOF Team!

podcast Aug 30, 2021

Hall of Fame. 

Shrines to outstanding achievement.  A place to remember and recognize legends in sports, business and arts.  Many of these accomplishments focus on individual accomplishments.  Others recognize a team effort.  

Imagine for a moment, what it would be like to be on a HOF team. 

In this week’s episode, I’d like to focus on another use of the letters HOF.  It’s the opposite of Hall of Fame work.  Can you guess what this HOF stands for?  

Hair on Fire. 

What does the “Hair On Fire” organization look like?  

  • The urgent items of the day overtakes the important tasks
  • We have back to back to back Zoom meetings with little to no breaks
  • If internal emails are not responded to immediately, it’s a sign of disrespect 
  • The shiny new object bumps last week’s priorities 
  • Every situation seems to require a custom response 
  • There are multiple answers to the question what’s our mission
  • Little accountability for others deadlines 
  • Every person for themselves 

Often, the visionary leader is a significant contributor to a HOF team. Once I worked for a leader who loved “ideation”, he prided himself on being able to generate lots of solutions to issues.  He’d say, “I can always come up with 20 ideas, I throw them against the wall and hopefully one of them will stick”.  

If you’ve ever worked with a leader like this, you know how exhausting it can be.  Last week, our priority for the quarter was hitting our sales goals.  This week, it is redoing the website and marketing plan.  The visionary always has more ideas than bandwidth. Many severely underestimate the time interval it takes to complete a task, so once delegated, they are moving onto the next visionary initiative.  

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