089: Being clear on your Mission, Vision, and Values

podcast Jul 19, 2021

 In this week’s podcast episode, we dig into two essential leadership decisions in business, creating a compelling why and a clear what to build a team you love. But before you can define these, you need to be clear on your mission, vision, and values.

Why does this matter? Without defining your business's purpose first, you won't be able to clearly define the what and why of your team’s purpose. By doing so you create a feeling of vagueness and disconnection between the person and the goal. 

company vision reveals what your business hopes to be, and hopes to achieve over the long term.

mission statement describes what your organization needs to do to achieve that vision. 

Company values explain how you're going to achieve your vision and mission by implementing a set of beliefs into your team's day-to-day tasks.

Overall, these values help shape a team member’s experience, and through their experience you develop strong relationships with your clients, customers, partners, and providers. 

So what are your vision, mission, and value statements for your business? Are they strong enough to build a team you love?

Want to learn more? Listen to our full episode here. 


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