088: Hiring Team Members - Cost or Investment?

podcast Jul 12, 2021

Hiring is a business cost that I can't afford right now. 

In this week’s episode , we get to the problem faced the most by solopreneurs building their very first team, the cost.  

Let us ask you, what kind of cost is hiring? 

Do you look at a gym membership as just a cost? or an investment in your future health? 

Is your mortgage a household cost? Or an investment in your future? 

So is hiring a team a business cost? Or is it an investment in you? We’d argue it's the latter. 

Think about your time, it is a non-renewable resource. We will both leave this earth at some point, and every moment that ticks by is a moment that we never get back. 

Freeing your time up produces multiples on your investment by allowing you to focus on the tasks that you do best and that only you can do. 

You also get another return, you get to lean into the confidence that your skills, your gifting as a leader, which will gain you more confidence, more gifting, more time doing what only you can do. 

And the funny thing is, these tasks we dread or procrastinate on or are not gifted at, there are hundreds of people and businesses who love doing this work. 

They're gifted in areas where you're not, so they're delivering value, and results that are multiples of what you could do within your gifting and your resources. 

So what would you like to do? Would you like to focus on this as a short-term cost? Or start thinking about building a team that you love? 

It has nothing to do with your checking account. It has everything to do with your belief and willingness to bet on yourself. 


Want to learn more? Listen to our full episode here . 

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