072: Serve First and Your Team (Bobby Klinck & Katie Chase)

podcast Mar 08, 2021

In this episode, Team Klinck’s Bobby Klinck and Katie Chase join me for the second half of our conversation about building a team you love.

The 3 of us tackle the big question about what is your purpose in your life and how does that relate to running a business. And we look at how Team Klinck is promoting a counter-intuitive “Serve First” philosophy and, while that could be seen as a sales tactic, it has already made HUGE ripple effects in and on their community.

In addition to the prank they pulled on their audience during their live event, in this conversation, you’ll also get:

  • How Bobby’s dad modeled true marketing 
  • When there’s no “catch” and how that confuses people
  • The key to connect with your audience and with your team that drives your success
  • How going against what everyone else is doing may be the perfect way to grow your business 
  • What business decisions make team members proud to be part of the team
  • When going all-in makes the difference between an offer succeeding or not
  • How the leader/founder views the team is critical to the success of the team

And when all the pieces come together you can see magic happen.



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