069: Confessions of a Level 2 Leader

podcast Feb 15, 2021

Scroll through your favorite social media platform feed and you’ll find an unusually high percentage of perfectly arranged bookcases in the background, funny pets, and selfies captured with ideal lighting. 

Curated images.  

No one else sees the hundreds of deleted images taken and discarded before the “right” one shows up in your feed.  

It’s simple to present a polished image online...and all too easy to believe that if you just tried a little harder, pushed a little farther, hustled a little longer, you’d have the same magic unicorn success as the gurus whose ads show up over and over again. 

But no magic pills, potions, or unicorns will lead to success if you aren’t leading your team with the right heart. 

That’s why in this episode, you’ll get:

  • The true confessions of a Level 2 Leader 
  • Why “the customer is always right” may be dead wrong
  • How knowing the 3 levels of leaders may prevent burnout and chaos...and knowing that means you can take advantage of it today 
  • WHAT the two main roles in every business are, how they intersect and the exact question each one needs to take 100% responsibility for   
  • Three characteristics every successful leader needs to embrace

Plus how it all works together as a solid foundation for building and keeping a team you love.



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