067: The Bridge to Teamwork

podcast Feb 01, 2021

For some the college experience is filled with parties and fun while for others it’s a grind of school work and studying. For me, it was an exciting opportunity to pave the way as the only male in an all-female freshman dorm! 

As the Head Resident the position wasn’t as much fun-and-games as it was leading, inspiring, and guiding. And a big part of that was building and leading a team of 6 female RAs who eagerly embraced their mission to make freshman year unforgettable and rewarding for all the incoming freshman girls in our dorm.   

Those leadership lessons I learned on the College of William and Mary campus have stayed with me as I’ve worked within the teams others built and went on to build businesses and teams myself.

In this episode of the podcast, you’ll hear:

  • The EXACT leadership lesson I’ve had to relearn over and over again and I’m sharing it with you so you learn from my experience
  • 2 questions that are 100% your responsibility
  • One question you should NEVER spend another moment on 
  • Why most leaders can’t attract and keep A+ team players and how you can 

And so much more!

Leaders Simplify Teamwork and focusing on the right questions helps you grow For Love of Team™. 



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