061: Unexpected Insight from Unscripted Keynote

podcast Dec 17, 2020

Public speaking. A favorite assignment for many people. Right?!?

How about presenting an unscripted, unrehearsed 18 minute keynote speech without notes?  On a topic you just decided upon last night?   In front of your peers, being videotaped and critiqued in real time?  

Welcome to season 2. Episode 61 of the newly renamed For Love of Team podcast.  It’s the #BeginAgain moment for the podcast.

That was me a few months ago at my friend Kent Julian’s Speak it Forward bootcamp.  

I began the keynote with a story about my dream business.  

A service born out of necessity.  Reaching multi-million dollar status. Employing team members across 10 different states.  Enjoying a reputation for excellent customer service.  Growing market share.  

Paradise, right? There was a dark side. One I share during this keynote.  

Yet delivering  this speech gave me another unexpected benefit.  

An insight about other businesses which ultimately fail to meet their potential.  

So, let’s take you to that keynote, a few months ago outside of Atlanta.  

The precise moment when For Love of Team was born.  

Listen in to hear the first time I ever publicly said…“I fired myself.”

The podcast also reveals: 

  • My first entrepreneurial venture and how I got my sister to pay a nickel to read her own book
  • The leadership lessons I learned along my own journey
  • The key role each leader needs to ensure they’re getting and also filling for others
  • What’s worse than an ill-equipped leader and how to avoid it
  • How God directed me to 1 Corinthians 13 and opened my eyes to For Love of Team 
  • The one surprising thing every leader needs to do to multiply their impact

 And so much more.



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