060: Building Your People, Victoria Mininger

podcast Dec 08, 2020

A construction company that's focused on building their people?  Well, here's your inspiration for our new podcast: For Love of Team.

This is part two of my conversation with Victoria Mininger. We recorded this a few months ago, and I saved it to be closer to the launch of her new book Daring to Fight.  Make sure you catch the last podcast episode for more on the book and her story. And check out her links below, especially the book trailer

And as we recorded that show, we also talked about her business journey as the CEO of Bear Creek Outdoor Living (www.bearcreek.co) in the mountains of Virginia.  Bear Creek has grown from just a mere idea into a recognized community leader by their Chamber of Commerce in just a few years.

This story is tangible proof that loving your team multiplies your results.

I've experienced this multiplication in my own leadership career.  Loving your products or clients more than your people limits your potential. 

Hearing Victoria's words in this podcast was ultimately the inspiration for the change for the podcast.  With a renewed focus on the power of teamwork, both in my business and with my conversations with you here on the podcast. 


Links from the Show

Bear Creek Outdoor Living (company website)
Daring to Fight: When Grit, Grace and Determination Take Depression Head On (Amazon)
Daring to Fight book trailer (YouTube)
VictoriaMininger. com (speaker website)

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