BA 059: Daring to Fight with Victoria Mininger

podcast Dec 01, 2020

As our final episode of Season One of the Begin Again Leadership podcast, we've saved our BEST begin again story for last. 

A second chance.  Three of the most beautiful, hopeful words ever spoken. 

Victoria Mininger never set out to write a book, much less a book about depression.  In fact, she didn’t really even aspire to be an author. 

Yet, after a season when overwhelm turned to darkness, Victoria dared to fight.  Her second chance not only helped herself, it's now helping thousands. 

Writing is hard work.  A book always seemed like a daunting task.  And it is. And yet, when the need outweighs the excuses, somehow a book is what you get.

And WHAT a book! Daring to Fight: When Grit, Grace & Faith Take Depression Head-On  is now available on Victoria's website and soon on Amazon

I LOVE this book so much that I've already given away copies to friends who need a word of inspiration during a very challenging time. 

Victoria is a wife, mom of four, Owner, CEO and Integrator of Bear Creek Outdoor Living ( a Residential Construction Firm), Writer, Author, Speaker, hands in the dirt gardner & farm girl.  And a great friend from a faith and business Mastermind we've been part of for several years. 

I know you are going to enjoy part 1 of our time with Victoria.  --Winston

Links from the Show
Bear Creek Outdoor Living (company website)
Daring to Fight: When Grit, Grace and Determination Take Depression Head On (Amazon)
Daring to Fight book trailer (YouTube)
VictoriaMininger. com (speaker website)


So, let's draw deeper faith, inspiration and encouragement in our Begin Again moments.  

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Remember, the biggest Breakthroughs in life and business occur the moment you decide to #BeginAgain.

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