BA 012: Taking on 100 Worthy Fails

podcast Dec 12, 2019

This is part 2 of why using a counter-intuitive way of setting goals changes everything, especially you.  So, when you hear the term “Impossible Goal” or even “100 Worthy Fails”, what thoughts comes immediately to mind?  Are you up for the challenge, Future 7 Figure CEO? 

I wonder, why does failure conjure up such negative emotions in all of us. Perhaps it triggers feelings of guilt or shame because we believe that we control the outcomes or that we somehow could have done more?  Remember that our expectations are only thoughts.  And our feelings about those thoughts are merely the meaning we give them.  

As a mindset, a perspective, Begin Again is all about how we deal with setbacks, obstacles and yes, failures.  Let’s go back to the very first episode when I said…

"If you quit, your outcome is certain.  When you continue, your possibilities are infinite." 

In this episode, we'll reframe the word failure and encourage you to take on 25 worthy fails per quarter over the next year. 

Credit: Brooke Castillo's Self Coaching Scholars


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Remember, the biggest Breakthroughs in life and business occur the moment you decide to Begin Again.

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