BA 007: Unanswered Prayers (Ballfield)

podcast Nov 26, 2019

Seven is one of my favorite numbers.  Recently I learned that in Scripture seven represents completion and achievement.  And since we’re at podcast seven, I’m going to share my Begin Again moment that fundamentally changed my life (aka as the Ballfield).

As I grew older and it became clear that I would want to attend college, how we’d pay for it became a little more of a discussion item around the dinner table.  By my early teens, I experienced a massive growth spurt.  I was growing to be nearly a foot taller than anyone else in my immediate family.

Perhaps the best way to describe me then was as a “gentle giant”.  And this set off a prayer battle within the Faircloth/Poyner families.  There were some prayer warriors earnestly seeking a full football scholarship to an amazing college.  And apparently, there were other prayer warriors seeking anything other than football to cover my college expenses.

Experiences that lead me to today, becoming a Future 7 Figure CEO.


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Remember, the biggest Breakthroughs in life and business occur the moment you decide to Begin Again.


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