I believe overwhelmed, captive business owners can increase their impact and income by doing what they love with the support of their team

Hello! I’m Winston Faircloth and I help successful business owners develop teams they LOVE to work with every day multiplying their impact, income, margin, and freedom in their business.

Do you want to get back to doing the things you LOVE in your business? How would it feel to be able to do that while your team members are doing the work they love that supports your business? So that you all can make a good living and a big impact?

That’s what I wanted too! And as I’ve intentionally built my team, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. That’s why I set out to create programs for businesses to build their own dream teams.   

  • For Love of Team is for early-stage business owners: When you realize that you may be captive point of your business doing all of the activities, even ones you dislike. And you begin to see the need to identify, develop, and lead a team.  

  • Unlock Innovation is designed for established businesses that are generating revenue in excess of $1MM and are ready to break down potential silos that prevent critical innovations from the people that your business best: your team.

I’ve been managing awesome teams since I was a senior in college, starting with an all-female team of Resident Advisers in a freshman’s women’s dorm. While this may sound wild, I actually served as a big brother to the residents and mentor to the RAs as they developed their own unique leadership gifts. 

A couple of years later, was promoted to the youngest Vice President of a major market within the United Way network at age 24, from there I was hired as one of the youngest CEOs in a top 100 market at age 30, and went on to become the founder of a social technology enterprise at age 40.

My focus was growth. 

I loved our products. I took great care of our clients. But I lost sight of what was really important, my team. 

When I should have been on the top of the world with my business hitting all of the goals I ever dreamed, I realized that I had blown it.

My team was in utter chaos. 

I was dealing with them all: Back-stabbers, land-grabbers, credit-takers, process-blockers, and clock-watchers. I had created a Team Monster. It was my leadership failure that created an environment that grew this bad fruit.

So, I fired myself. 

I came to realize that the one thing holding me back from achieving the success and impact that God was calling me to was not leading my team the way He designed.


Leaders are patient. Leaders are kind. Leaders don’t envy, they don’t boast, they are not proud.

Leaders don’t dishonor others, they aren’t self-seeking, they aren’t easily angered, they keep no record of wrongs.

Leaders don’t delight in evil but rejoice with the truth. Leaders always protect. Always trust. Always hope. Always persevere. 

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (my paraphrase) 

While we typically hear this verse read at weddings, it truly has the power to transform your business.

Especially when we see that leadership is LOVE.

Unless we lead a team where each member is working in their own gifting, we can’t work within ours. We’re too busy putting out fires, taking work back because it’s taking too long to get done, and being frustrated because all of the “how to’s” only exist in our own heads.  

The popular Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

When it comes to teams, I’d say: “When’s the best time to start planning for your team? Yesterday. When’s the next best time? Right now.”

So let’s get started.




I’ve been able to leverage each experience to create new roles/responsibilities each time to help me grow in my career.  

Some examples include:

  • College costs were paid 95% through on-campus leadership roles in the residence dorm programs and summer sales positions. 
  • First job out of college resulted from conducting informational interviews with leaders in a field I was considering.
  • First promotion to Vice President at age 24 developed from taking my boss to lunch, requesting challenging new projects.
  • First CEO roles came from a deep desire to be responsible for all facets of an organization (sales, product, support, promotion) after achieving groundbreaking results in my prior roles.
  • Founded a technology social enterprise born out of our need for commercial level technology support with an organization that had a heart for non-profit mission.  Solving my “own itch” met the need of thousands of others with an identical need.
  • Founded information/technology consulting practice providing business process outsourcing and strategic fundraising assistance.
  • Following a prompting to leave the social enterprise and two years into my consulting career, I attended an industry conference where I “coincidentally” ran into a former mentor.  In the following weeks, we co-created a new division with P&L responsibility for 25% of the overall venture equity-backed technology company.

Preparations for Business Mentorship & Strategic Advisory

  • 15 years of executive leadership positions in three United Ways
  • Founder of technology social enterprise, growing from zero to $4.5 million in annual revenue
  • Officer in venture equity backed technology firm providing SaaS solutions for CSR and non-profit fundraising services solutions
  • The Strategic Coach Signature Program Member (Chicago)
  • Diamond Member of Brooke Castillo's Self Coaching Scholars
  • Eaglepreneur Mastermind, hosted by Dan Miller
  • Magnify Mastermind, hosted by Sara Anna Powers
  • James Wedmore’s Business By Design & BBD Live
  • VIP at Unleash the Power Within, Tony Robbins (San Jose)
  • VIP at Business Mastery, Tony Robbins (Las Vegas)
  • VIP at Date with Destiny, Tony Robbins (Palm Springs)
  • Keynote for multiple national technology webinars for United Way
  • Board chair for Lexington Children’s Theatre, successfully completing $3 million HQ capital campaign
  • Instructor/course designer for National Academy for Voluntarism (Alexandria, VA)
  • Bachelor of Arts degree: double major in Government & Philosophy from the College of William & Mary in Virginia



Until you can believe,
Believe that I believe in you.

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